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In need to feed your mailbox? Or just want to receive a real handwritten letter? You can ask these amazing people to send you one (and yes, for free):

note: if you’re also offering people to send a letter, let me know and i’ll add you to the list :) also only send a message if you’re serious about this 

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posted 1 year ago

okay, the letter request form is now closed. but don’t worry, i will write to everyone who has submitted so far. i honestly wasn’t expecting this many requests and i just need a little time to organize myself. after that, i will open the request form again c: 

for all who answered to my post yesterday; thank you so much for the kind & understanding words (: 

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posted 2 years ago

sent out 4 letters to 4 people who requested one c: and got 3 others ready to be sent out on monday (still need to buy some stamps though) 

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posted 2 years ago

Request a letter 

people have been asking me to write them a letter; if you want one too just fill out this form c: 

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posted 2 years ago


just a simple girl who loves to write letters and send random mail to make people happy


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