Feature Monday: Letter-writer Puk  

A long over-due feature from the amazing Puk from Denmark!

Hello Puk, please tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi there! I’m Puk from Denmark. I’m 39 years old and I love to write letters, carve stamps, crochet and spend time with my family and friends. I live in a big house with my husband, two sons aged 9 and 12, a cat, a dog and a rabbit. Luckily we have plenty of space and I take up a lot of it with my yarn, paper, stamps, letters and other crafting stuff.
I have a blog called The Puk Project. I try to keep it updated with my latest crafting projects and workshops http://thepukproject.blogspot.com
On Instagram I’m @pukhyllested

Do you remember how and when you found your first penpal? 

I have had penpals since I was ten years old, but in my adult life my first penpal was Giova from The Netherlands. She wrote to me about a charity project on my blog. She would like to join and we wrote a few emails to arrange it. After that we started writing snail mail to each other and we even met each other in Amsterdam last year!

What would you say makes a letter interesting?

The words; the content, really. If you have nothing to say, writing a letter is not what you should do! I like letters with information about my penpal’s current projects, their plans and hopes. Sharing thoughts about life, parenting, family life and dreams. Having said that the content is the most important thing, I must say that the presentation of the letter also matters a lot to me. Nice letterwriting paper - bought or handmade doesn’t matter. Decoration of the envelope so we can make each other happy when we look at the mail in the mailbox. Stickers, stamps, masking tape are all nice things to use, but a beautiful handwriting is also great!

Is there a particular process you follow when writing a letter?
Normally, I have the letter I received from my penpal right beside me, so I can check if there are questions in the letter that I need to answer. Sometimes you ask how your penpal’s workshop or family gathering - or whatever they were up to when you last heard from them - did go. 

How do you define mail art?
I don’t know if I have a definition of mail art, but I think it’s a kind of art when you decorate an envelope with stickers, stamps and masking tape. When you use your finest handwriting to write the name and address beautifully on the envelope. And just the act of sending handwritten letters in this age of digitality is kind of an art form!

What is the strangest or quirkiest things you’ve ever sent through the post? 
I sent a porcelain plate to Japan once. It didn’t break! 

Have you recently joined any mail related projects?
Right now I’m participating in something called “The Flat Swap” arranged by my penpal in The Netherlands. I have to write a letter, make something handmade, draw something and find a thing of use that I don’t need anymore and send it all to a person I’m paired with and don’t know in advance. I love swaps!


Any questions you’d like to ask Puk? Send your questions and fanmail to pensandenvelopes@gmail.com (they will be forwarded to Puk).

Would you liked to be featured? Contact me here or send an e-mail to pensandenvelopes@gmail.com 

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