wreckthisgirl answered: Yeees :D Just out of curiosity how much does it cost in Portugal? Here in Italy the prices are just crazy :/

(sorry, i only saw your message now !) The first year of subscription/rent is 45 Euro; after that, every extra year is 25 Euro. 45 Euro is a little expensive, but it’s only the first year so I will make the effort. How are the prices in Italy? :3 

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posted 2 years ago
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    woah, for real 150/180€ a year?? That really is a lot! And even if you’d rent them for 70€ a month, that would still be...
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    I don’t what I’m doing with this post and if you received my reply, sorry :/ Anyway, here in Italy it costs about...
  3. wreckthisgirl said: Uh oops, I misread the 25€ thing >n< sorry


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